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2/3 year old class

Qualified with over 35 years of experience, with a professionally planned curriculum focused on assisting in your child's academic, social, physical and emotional development. We are State Licensed, CPR & First Aid Certified and have CCT Surveillance. We offer: Structured Preschool, Transportation to Nearby School, Extended All Day Care as well as Before and After School Programs. Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 6:30 am - 6:30 pm. 

Two/Three Year Old Class: Autonomy, self-awareness, and trust are goals for the 2-3 year Olds classes. Children are introduced to concepts of limits, responsibility for self and belongings, and social skills with others. Concept development includes color recognition, number identification, counting skills, shapes & sizes, and pre-reading and language development. The morning activities are structured with story time, music, physical development, and small muscle development

4/5 year old class

Four/Five Year Old Class: Pre-kindergarten skills are explored in areas of small muscle development, Use of art media with success, response to concept development (under, over, between, next, ECT) and language development with the use of puppets, housekeeping, store keeping, and office play.

​Grade School 

Kindergarten: Kindergarten reinforcement, wind down activities.

After School: Quiet time for homework and/or wind down activities.

Field Trips: Notices of field trips may be made verbally by staff or written and posted on the board. It is the parent’s responsibility to dress the child warmly or appropriately for the activity.

​Show & Share Friday Morning!​

Summer Camp

Over the summer break our kids experience daily field trip activities around the Wasatch Front including movies, arts & crafts, swimming, cookouts, roller skating, water-slide, inflatable bouncing, "Nickel Mania", Gym Cats, bowling, and much, much more!

Our Programs

Last Update 5-02-2024

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